Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alum Award

The Kroc Institute’s Distinguished Alumni Award honors Notre Dame graduates in peace studies whose careers and lives exemplify the ideals of international peacebuilding. Each year the Distinguished Alumnus, who is selected by committee, travels to Notre Dame's campus to deliver a public lecture and meet with current peace studies students.

Jorge Vargas-Cullell (M.A. '94)

Director of Estado de la Nación, a Costa Rica-based center of thought that conducts research on sustainable development.

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Myla Leguro (M.A. '10)

Technical Advisor for Social Cohesion and Church Engagement at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in the Philippines; Founder, Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute

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Valerie Hickey (M.A. '00)

Global Director for Environment, Natural Resources and the Blue Economy, World Bank

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Brittney Nystrom (B.A. '98)

Executive Director, ACLU of Utah

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Bina D’Costa, M.A. '97

Professor of international relations and peace and conflict studies specialist at the Australian National University

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P. Carl, BA '88, M.A. '90

Distinguished Artist in Residence at Emerson College, co-founder of HowlRound, dramaturg, and nonfiction author

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Mai Ni Ni Aung, M.A. '03

Founder, Sone-Tu Cultural Preservation Project and Sone-Tu Backstrap Weavings

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Obi Anyadike, M.A.'97

Editor-at-large and Africa editor of IRIN

Karsonya Wise Whitehead, M.A. '93

Associate Professor of Communication and African and African American Studies; Loyola University Maryland

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Jian Yi, M.A. '98 

Independent filmmaker, cultural activist, founder of IFChina Studio.

Vienna Colucci, M.A. '91, B.A. '90

Director of Policy for Amnesty International USA, overseeing human rights policy development, review, and guidance.

Adriana Quiñones, M.A. '99

Strategic Planning and Coordination Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean at UN Women, the United Nations entity that supports the empowerment.

Molly Kinder, B.A. ’01

Director of Agriculture and Europe Policy for ONE, a nonpartisan advocacy organization that works to mitigate extreme poverty.

Rosette Muzigo-Morrison, M.A. ’93

Legal Officer, United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Irene Perurena, M.A. ’91

Executive Vice President, City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama, connecting nongovernmental organizations that focus on humanitarian aid, human rights, conflict resolution and development.

Xabier Agirre Aranburu, M.A. ’95

Senior Analyst, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Hague

George Wachira, M.A. ’91

Founder, Concerned Citizens for Peace, Nairobi, Kenya

Oana-Cristina Popa, M.A. ’96

Ambassador of Romania to Croatia

Hannah Wu, M.A. ’89

Human Rights Specialist, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

Emil Bolongaita, M.A. ’88

Technical Director, Management Systems International, Australia