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The study of peace requires engaging in deep thinking about some of the most urgent problems we face as global citizens in our contemporary world.

How do we identify the invisible everyday inequalities that cause suffering, and how do we use nonviolence to change them? How do we recognize a civil war when we see one, and what strategies work best to resolve the conflict? What effect does violence have on individuals, and how can we use this knowledge to improve life in communities affected by violence?

For over three decades, the Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies at Notre Dame has provided students with the means to explore these and other questions of peace, violence and justice.  Students can enroll in courses that nurture their knowledge of peace studies theories and practices, complete an interdisciplinary curriculum that builds the skills needed to understand conflict and promote peace, and participate in an annual student conference that brings together students from around the country to exchange ideas.

We invite students from every major at Notre Dame to join our faculty, staff and students in the study of peace and the creation of a better world.

Why Peace Studies?

Read about the benefits peace studies brings to an undergraduate education at Notre Dame.

Why Peace Studies?

What will I study?

Learn more about our courses and get details on the supplementary major and minor in peace studies.

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Who studies peace?

Meet some of our former students and see the different ways a peace studies education can develop.

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What else can I do?

Explore some of the options for engaging with other scholars and learning outside the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom

What about my career?

Peace studies students are excellent candidates for employment, graduate school, and fellowships.

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Alumni Peacebuilders


Caleb "C.J." Pine, B.A. ’17

Caleb “C.J.” Pine is Peace Process and Programming Specialist Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, U.S. Department of State

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To meet with the director of undergraduate studies, contact:

Ernesto Verdeja
Associate Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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To learn more about the program or declare a major or minor in peace studies, email:

Anna K. Van Overberghe
Assistant Director for Academic Administration and Undergraduate Studies