Fr. Ted Said Speaker Series, July 2018

Featuring Professor George A. Lopez and Kroc alumni Jude Ash (M.A. '17), Nell Bolten (M.A. '03), and Tona Boyd (B.A. '03).

Keough School of Global Affairs and the Embassy of Ireland forum, June 2018

Featuring professor David Cortright.

Voices of Conscience: Historical Perspectives on the Vietnam Antiwar Movement, May 2018

Featuring Asher Kaufman, Christian Appy, Madame Ton-Nu-Thi Ninh and Michael Kazin.

Voices of Conscience Conference: Conscience and Resistance from Vietnam to the Present, May 2018

Featuring David Cortright, Susan Schnall, Ms. Tran Xuan Thao, Jonathan Hutto, and Nathan Smith.

Kroc Distinguished Alumni Award Lecture 2018: Mai Ni Ni Aung, April 2018

Featuring Mai Ni Ni Aung, founder of the Sone-Tu Cultural Preservation Project and the director of its sister organization, Sone-Tu Backstrap Weavings.

24th Annual Hesburgh Lecture in Ethics & Public Policy: Beatrice Fihn, April 2018

Featuring Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning group, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

Prospects for Dealing with North Korea: A Conversation, April 2018

Featuring George A. Lopez and Sean King