Avoiding Harm: A Muslim Response to COVID-19

Wipf and Stock, 2023

Research scholars have lamented the fact that most of the extant studies on religious responses to the COVID-19 pandemic focus on a particular religious group, typically Christian. This book fills this lacuna by providing some useful insights into how one Muslim religious institution responded to the pandemic. It portrays the sermons, advice, and guidance provided to the Claremont Main Road Mosque (CMRM) congregation in Cape Town, South Africa, by its Imams and elected board of governors during the course of the pandemic.

Decolonizing Religion and Peacebuilding

Oxford University Press, 2023

An investigation of what consolidating religion as a technology of peacebuilding and development does to people's accounts of their religious and cultural traditions and why interreligious peacebuilding entrenches colonial legacies in the present.

Feel the Grass Grow: Ecologies of Slow Peace in Colombia

Stanford University Press, 2023

On November 24, 2016, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed a revised peace accord that marked a political end to over a half-century of war. Feel the Grass Grow traces the far less visible aspects of moving from war to peace: the decades of campesino struggle to defend life, land, and territory prior to the national accord, as well as campesino social leaders' engagement with the challenges of the state's post-accord reconstruction efforts.

After Violence: Russia's Beslan School Massacre and the Peace that Followed

Oxford University Press, 2023

A novel analysis of the aftermath of the most appalling terrorist act in Russian history, the seizure of a school and the violent deaths of hundreds of hostages, and insights into why it triggered unprecedented peaceful political activism instead of the widely predicted retaliatory ethnic violence.

A Peaceful Superpower: Lessons from the World's Largest Antiwar Movement

NYU Press, 2023

A definitive analysis of the impacts of the Iraq antiwar movement.

Religion and Broken Solidarities: Feminism, Race, and Transnationalism

Notre Dame Press, 2022

The contributors to this original volume provide a new and nuanced approach to studying how discourses of religion shape public domains in sites of political contestation and “broken solidarities.”

Counseling Women: Kinship Against Violence in India

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022

This book follows frontline workers in India, called family counselors, as they support women who have experienced violence at home in the context of complex shifting legal and familial systems. Drawing on ethnographic research at counseling centers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Julia Kowalski shows how an individualistic notion of women’s rights places already vulnerable women into even more precarious positions by ignoring the reality of the social relations that shape lives within and beyond the family.

Environmental Management: Concepts and Practical Skills

Cambridge University Press, 2022

This contemporary textbook and manual for aspiring or new environmental managers provides the theory and practical examples needed to understand current environmental issues and trends.

Wicked Problems: The Ethics of Action for Peace, Rights, and Justice

Oxford University Press, 2022

Wicked Problems argues that the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation needs a stronger and more practical sense of its ethical obligations.

Who Are My People? Love, Violence, and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Notre Dame Press, 2022

Who Are My People? explores the complex relationship between identity, violence, and Christianity in Africa.


Catholic Peacebuilding and Mining: Integral Peace, Development, and Ecology

Routledge, 2022

This book explores the role of Catholic peacebuilding in addressing the global mining industry.

Where the Evidence Leads: A Realistic Strategy for Peace and Human Security

Oxford University Press, 2021

By shifting American security policy away from maximizing military power for the United States and toward maximizing human security for all, policymakers and citizens can also maximize national security for the United States and sustainable peace for the world.

Marxism and Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality under Contemporary Capitalism

Columbia University Press, 2020

What does the development of a truly robust contemporary theory of domination require? Ashley J. Bohrer argues that it is only by considering all of the dimensions of race, gender, sexuality, and ability within the structures of capitalism and imperialism that we can understand power relations as we find them nowadays. 

Truth Seekers: Voices of Peace and Nonviolence from Gandhi to Pope Francis

Orbis Books, 2020

A new book edited by David Cortright brings voices for peace and nonviolence from around the world into conversation.

Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes

Oxford University Press, 2019

There are twenty-nine Islamic law states (ILS) in the world today, and their Muslim population is over 900 million. In Islamic Law and International Law, Emilia Justyna Powell (Kroc faculty fellow) examines the differences and similarities between the Islamic legal tradition and international law, focusing in particular on the issue of conflict management and resolution.

Serious Youth in Sierra Leone: An Ethnography of Performance and Global Connection

Oxford University Press, 2019

In Catherine Bolten’s recently published book, "Serious Youth in Sierra Leone," she presents findings on generational preconceptions and their impact on young men in Makeni, Sierra Leone. Her research has implications for everything from development to post-conflict reconstruction to how millennials are perceived and engaged around the world.

Waging Peace in Vietnam

New Village Press, 2019

Edited by David Cortright, Ron Carver, and Barbara Doherty, Waging Peace in Vietnam shows how the GI movement unfolded, from the numerous anti-war coffee houses springing up outside military bases, to the hundreds of GI newspapers giving an independent voice to active soldiers, to the stockade revolts and the strikes and near-mutinies on naval vessels and in the air force.

Days of Awe: Reimagining Jewishness in Solidarity with Palestinians

University of Chicago Press, 2019

Atalia Omer's book traces the development of American Jewish solidarity with Palestinians and the diverse social movements that have shaped this advocacy. She also explores the implications of this developing solidarity for Jewish tradition and identity now and into the future.

Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First-Nation Know-How for Global Flourishing

Peter Lang, 2019

Edited by Darcia Narvaez (Kroc faculty fellow). Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First Nation Know-how for Global Flourishing's contributors describe ways of being in the world that reflect a worldview that guided humanity for 99% of human history: They describe the practical traditional wisdom that stems from Nature-based relational cultures that were or are guided by this worldview. 

When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O'Connor and Simone Weil

Mercer University Press, 2019

In "When Fiction and Philosophy Meet" Ruthann K. Johansen (Kroc faculty fellow) and E. Jane Doering explore the intersection between the philosophy of Simone Weil from Paris, France, and the fiction of Flannery O'Connor from the Southern state of Georgia, USA.