Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First-Nation Know-How for Global Flourishing

Edited by Darcia Narvaez (Kroc faculty fellow)

Peter Lang, 2019

Edited by Darcia Narvaez (Kroc faculty fellow), Four Arrows (Don Trent Jacobs), Eugene Halton, Brian S Collier and Georges EnderleIndigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First Nation Know-how for Global Flourishing's contributors describe ways of being in the world that reflect a worldview that guided humanity for 99% of human history: They describe the practical traditional wisdom that stems from Nature-based relational cultures that were or are guided by this worldview. Such cultures did not cause the kinds of anti-Nature and de-humanizing or inequitable policies and practices that now pervade our world. Far from romanticizing Indigenous histories, Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom offers facts about how human beings, with our potential for good and evil behaviors, can live in relative harmony again. Contributions cover views from anthropology, psychology, sociology, leadership, native science, native history, and native art.