Research Opportunities

Kroc Institute faculty members and visiting research fellows conduct cutting-edge research on a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics and welcome the opportunity to work directly with doctoral students as they develop their own research.

In addition to research conducted by individual faculty members, the Kroc Institute is home to several research programs that doctoral students can participate in. 

Contending Modernities

The Contending Modernities initiative is a major interdisciplinary effort to generate new knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which religious and secular forces interact in the modern world. The initiative includes a robust blog publishing research on religion, peacebuilding, and modernity; the Madrasa Discourses project which brings together madrasa (Islamic seminary) graduates to discuss religion, society, and epistemology; and the Science and the Human Person working group that advances a global, interreligious, and intercultural conversation about science, ethics, and the human future.

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Mediation Program

Founded in 2018, the Mediation Program at the Kroc Institute is becoming an international center of excellence for mediation research, teaching, training, policy, and practice.

The new program brings the resources, expertise and academic foundation of the Kroc Institute, one of the world’s leading centers for the study of the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace, to bear on the field of international mediation, including the related themes of peacemaking, preventive diplomacy, negotiations, and national dialogue.

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Peace Accords Matrix Program

The Peace Accords Matrix (PAM) is a unique source of qualitative and quantitative longitudinal data on the implementation of all comprehensive peace agreements negotiated since 1989. Composed of researchers and practitioners seeking to promote and facilitate a higher order of integration between these domains, PAM is pioneering innovations in peace process research and real-time monitoring of peace agreement implementation. One of PAM’s central features is the Barometer Initiative in Colombia, which is entrusted with the responsibility for real-time technical support and monitoring of the implementation of the 2016 Colombian Peace Accord.

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