Ph.D. Resources

This page includes links to resources to help Peace Studies Ph.D. students navigate requirements and opportunities during their doctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Program Resources and Forms

Ph.D. Manual

This manual includes an overview of policies and procedures for doctoral students in the Peace Studies program. It is updated each academic year.

Ph.D. Manual 2019-20 (second ed.)

Appendix F: Comprehensive Exam in Peace Studies (May 2020 exams only)

3.7: Comprehensive Exam in Peace Studies (posted 04/14/2020; September 2020 exams onward)

Ph.D. Manual Archives

Funding Requests

Conference Funding Request Form

Summer Research Funding Request Form

Travel and Fieldwork

Fieldwork Contact Information Form

Resources for International Travel

Dissertation Committee Selection Form

This completed form is required for admission to doctoral candidacy.


Other Resources

Curriculum Guides and Department Resources

Graduate Professionalization and Career Services

Grants and Fellowships

Guidelines for Self-Care in the Field

Health and Wellness Resources

Resources for International Students