'Unlocking Human Dignity': A Theology of Liberation from the Context of U.S. Immigrant Detention and Deportation

Colleen Cross

Peace Studies & Theology

Epic (Intergroup) Encounters: How Americans Engaged the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through People-to-People Programs

Anna Fett

Peace Studies & History

Pluriversal Peacebuilding: Decolonial Democracy, Religion, and the Epistemic Politics of Peace

Garrett Fitzgerald

Peace Studies & Political Science

Our Home a Refuge?: Trauma-related Cognitive Distortions, Community, and Perceptions of Asylum-Seekers and Migrants among U.S. Military Veterans

Katherine Grein

Peace Studies & Psychology

"When the Ukrainian World Was Destroyed": Genocidal Narrative Convergence and Stakeholder Interactions during National Crises

Kristina Hook

Peace Studies & Anthropology

From Reform to Recoupling: Towards a New Police Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leslie MacColman

Peace Studies & Sociology

Environmental Violence in the Global Ecosystem and Everyday Life

Richard (Drew) Marcantonio

Peace Studies & Anthropology

From Coping to Striving: Cross-Border Trade and the Quest for Well-Being on the Congo-Rwanda Border

Maryam Rokhideh

Peace Studies & Anthropology

Motherhood and Intimate Partner Violence in the Context of Social-Ecological Resilience

Kathryn Scrafford

Peace Studies & Psychology

The Practical Wisdom of Hospitality in the Anthropocene: Building Peace Amidst Slow Violence & Human Displacement

Michael Yankoski

Peace Studies & Theology