Israeli Intersectionality and the Israeli Supreme Court

Ruth Carmi

Peace Studies & Sociology

Elite Instability and Mass Killing

Angela Chesler

Peace Studies & Political Science

Between Genocide and Justice: Eichmann, Auschwitz, and Legal Constructions of the Holocaust

Sarah Crane

Peace Studies & History

Trust, Hope, and the Refugee: The Role of Regimes of Cooperation in Refugee Well being in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Fort Wayne

Helal Khan

Peace Studies & Anthropology

Renewing Muslim Knowledge Traditions: The Search for Authenticity in 18th-century Ottoman and Mughal Empires

Khan Shairani

Peace Studies & History

Making murderers and martyrs: A spatial analysis of collective memory of violence

Carli Steelman

Peace Studies & Sociology

Ibn Khaldun and Machiavelli on Unreason and Politics

Mahmoud Youness

Peace Studies & Political Science