Visiting Research Fellows


Justin de Leon (2019-2020) earned a Ph.D. in international relations with a focus on gender and women’s studies and Native American studies at the University of Delaware. De Leon was previously a Lecturer at the University of California, San Diego, teaching courses on race, class, gender, and Native studies and was a member of Vanderbilt University’s Global Feminism Research Collaborative. De Leon’s research explores engagements of tradition and culture of the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota and their continued challenging and navigation of settler colonial orders. They are currently researching and writing a book manuscript on creative approaches to sovereignty and, more specifically, on traditional Native American storytelling expressed through contemporary modes of film and media.

De Leon is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. While at the Kroc Institute, de Leon will be writing a book manuscript, entitled Resurgent Visual Sovereignty: Indigenous Representation and Praxis, that explores Indigenous traditional and creative approaches to sovereignty.


Scott Moeschberger (Fall 2019) is Professor of Psychology at Taylor University, where he recently launched an interdisciplinary major/minor focused on working with orphans and vulnerable children. He has written on semiotics in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and the United States, culminating in an edited book Symbols that Unite; Symbols That Divide. As a faculty member at Taylor University, he has taught a wide variety of courses, including a decade of teaching a course on peace and reconciliation. He regularly involves students in research and practicums around the world, such as South Africa and Namibia. His current work is focused on preventing violence against children.

Catriona Web

Catriona Standfield (2019-2020) earned her PhD in Political Science from Syracuse University in August, 2019. Her research agenda centers on the interdisciplinary study of gender in diplomacy and mediation. While at the Kroc Institute, Standfield will work on a book project examining the implementation of gender equality reforms in United Nations-brokered peace processes. 

Tobias Winright 1

Tobias Winright (Fall 2019) is the Hubert Mäder Endowed Chair of Health Care Ethics and Associate Professor in both the Department of Theological Studies and the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University. He received his Ph.D. in Christian Ethics/Moral Theology from the University of Notre Dame. He possesses previous professional experience in law enforcement, including both corrections and policing. His research and teaching interests include just war theory, criminal justice ethics, ecological theology, Catholic social thought, and bioethics. 

While at the Kroc Institute, Winright will work on a book project that integrates recent Catholic thought and teaching on integral development, integral ecology, and integral nuclear disarmament through the lens of integral peacebuilding. 

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