Graduate Minor in Peace Studies

Graduate students pursuing a terminal master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Notre Dame have the opportunity to complete a Graduate Minor in Peace Studies. The graduate minor gives students access to classes taught by core faculty members at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, who are among the premier scholars in the field. For doctoral students, combining concentrated coursework in peace studies with their primary discipline can enhance their scholarship and expand their professional options.


The Graduate Minor in Peace Studies requires the student to complete three Peace Studies courses (9 credit hours):

  • IIPS 80103, "Peace Studies: Organizing the Field" - 3 credits (offered Fall semesters only)

  • Two IIPS electives selected by the student in consultation with the program - 6 credits

Students are also required to participate for two semesters in the Kroc Institute’s Peace Research Education Seminar (PRES) by registering for IIPS 93200 for zero credit. PRES sessions take place once per month on Fridays over lunch. Each session is devoted to one pre-circulated article or book chapter by a current faculty member, graduate student, fellow, or visiting speaker. Faculty and graduate students are asked to serve as discussants. PRES is an important part of building and maintaining the intellectual community of the Kroc Institute, and students in the graduate minor will become more closely involved in peace studies research and conversations through their attendance. The two required semesters of attendance may be non-consecutive.

Join the Graduate Minor

For more information, or to add the graduate minor, please contact Kevin Vaughn, Assistant Director for Doctoral Studies, at

N.B. - Students from professional schools at Notre Dame, including the Mendoza College of Business, School of Architecture, and The Law School, should consult their programs before enrolling in the graduate minor to determine if they are responsible for paying tuition for course credits in peace studies.

Current Graduate Minors