What Is War?

Mary Ellen O'Connell

Brill, 2012

International law has lacked a widely accepted definition of armed conflict, despite the essential human rights and other rules that depend on such a definition. This book, edited by Mary Ellen O'Connell, contains the report of the International Law Association's Committee on the Use of Force and papers delivered at an interdisciplinary conference designed to inform the committee from a variety of perspectives.

Kroc faculty contributors in the book include:

  • John Darby: "The Meaning of War"
  • Mary Ellen O'Connell: "Defining Armed Conflict in the Decade after 9/11," "United Nations Peacekeeping and the Meaning of Armed Conflict," "Defining Armed Conflict, The Work of the ILA Committee on the Use of Force (2005-2008)," "Report on the Adoption of the Committee’s Final Report on the Definition of Armed Conflict (September 2010)"  
  • Gerard Powers: "The Meaning of War: An Ethical Analysis of Sanctions and Humanitarian Intervention"
  • Todd Whitmore (faculty fellow): "Uganda’s “War in the North”: How Clashing Religious Views Created an Armed Conflict, How Reconciling Them May End It"