Antisemitism and Other Hates


Location: Auditorium, Hesburgh Center for International Studies

Members of JVP took over the Statue of Liberty to demand a ceasefire. Nov. 6, 2023

What is antisemitism? Who gets to define it? What does it have to do with Israel, Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian racism, and American geopolitics?

A panel of experts will tackle this difficult topic, scrutinizing the history of traditional Christian anti-Judaism and modern antisemitism. They will offer an opportunity to demystify ahistorical accounts of antisemitism as an unchanged condition unrelated to Western Christian modernity and the history of White supremacy. They will also interrogate the politics surrounding the definition of antisemitism, illuminate the interlinking between Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism and antisemitism, and raise questions regarding the concept of "Judeo-Christianity," exposing how it serves particular geopolitical and ideological agendas.

Yousef Munayyer, a senior fellow and the head of the Palestinian/Israel program at Arab Center Washington, D.C., will lecture on the ways in which definitional politics affects non-Jewish communities, with panel responses from A. Rashied Omar, associate teaching professor of Islamic studies and peacebuilding; Perin Gürel, associate professor of American Studies and a Kroc Institute faculty fellow; and Lisa Schirch, Richard G. Starmann, Sr. Professor of the Practice of Peace Studies. Atalia Omer, professor of religion, conflict and peace studies, will moderate the panel.
This event is the second in a two-day series that will discuss antisemitism and the struggle for justice and peace in Israel/Palestine.

Image credit: Jewish Voice for Peace. Used with permission.