Jeremi (Jem) Panganiban

Peace Studies & Anthropology

Jem Panganiban (peace studies and anthropology) is from Manila, Philippines. 

Jem received her B.S. in Community Development from the University of the Philippines and an M.A in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from the Ohio State University. Prior to joining the Kroc Institute's program, she worked as a program officer at the Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau in the Philippines and as a professional associate of the leadership program of the East West Center in Hawaii.

During her doctoral studies, she hopes to explore a feminist anthropology of sustainability, care, and resilience in maritime Southeast Asia. Her research interests stem from the question of how women in ocean communities thrive in the midst of armed aggression and biodiversity collapse. She is interested in the life and vitality of women in maritime communities whose geographic proximity to sites of crisis lends itself to greater exposure to layers of insecurity.

Jem is a University Presidential Fellow.