Flora X. Tang

Peace Studies & Theology

Flora Tang is originally from Beijing, China. During her doctoral studies, she hopes to explore a theology of liturgy and sacraments in post-traumatic or post-conflict settings in the Global South. Her research interests stem from the question of how religious communities embody and remember their collective trauma. Her constructive theology project will draw upon concepts from both memory studies and comparative literature studies. Outside of her research, Flora writes poetry that incorporates imagery from queer theology and the Catholic literary imagination.

Flora received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in Political Science and Theology, and an M.T.S. in Religion and Literature from Harvard Divinity School. Prior to joining the Kroc Institute's program, she served as the program coordinator for Harvard College’s summer public service program.

Flora is a Richard and Peggy Notebaert Premier Fellow and a John and Judy Scully Fellow in Peace Studies.