Cody Jackson

Peace Studies & Sociology

Cody Jackson's academic journey has been shaped by an interest in both social mobilization as well as Blackness. With a background as a returned Peace Corps volunteer, he served as an English teacher in Indonesia, where he gained valuable insights into global manifestations of anti-blackness and its implications for peace and conflict. Following his service, Cody pursued a master of science in conflict management at Kennesaw State University, where he developed a deep interest in the intersection of social movements and race. Currently, his research focuses on anti-blackness and black resistance, particularly examining the #STOPCOPCITY Movement in Atlanta.
Looking ahead, Cody plans to focus his Ph.D. research aimed at exploring the Free West Papua movement in Indonesia and its comparison with black resistance movements in other contexts (the U.S., Haiti, etc.). His ultimate goal is to contribute to the understanding of global anti-blackness manifestations and their implications for resistance efforts, with the hope of furthering the field of peacebuilding and its commitment to nonviolence.