Lessons and Insights on Peace Agreement Design and Implementation: Presenting a Peace Accords Matrix Policy Briefs Series


Location: Zoom Webinar

Peace Accords Matrix Pam

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Since the early 1990s, peace agreements have become a key tool for ending armed conflict and creating conditions for long-term sustainable peace. In addition to the challenges of designing successful agreements, an accord’s implementation process requires innovation in order to act as a dynamic platform for nonviolent transformation from armed conflict to peace.

During this webinar, young scholars, Ph.D. students, faculty members, and researchers at the Kroc Institute will present on their findings shared in a new series of policy briefs published by the Peace Accords Matrix (PAM). These new publications focus on topics including implementation roadmaps, reincorporation of former combatants, partial peace agreements, and citizens’ perceptions of implementation. 

During this event, authors will present some of the briefs in the series, discuss their key findings, and offer recommendations for the peace accords policy community.

These briefs will be the first in a series aimed at contributing key insights and lessons learned from research and practice to inform decision-makers about the design and implementation of successful peace accords.


  • María José Daza Bohórquez, 2021 MGA alum and Hesburgh Fellow at the Institute for Integrated Transitions
  • Elise Ditta, Research Associate, Peace Accords Matrix
  • Josefina Echavarria Alvarez, Associate Professor of the Practice; Director of the Peace Accords Matrix (PAM)
  • Diana Isabel Güiza-Gómez, Ph.D. student in Peace Studies and Political Science
  • Madhav Joshi, Research Professor; Associate Director of the Peace Accords Matrix
  • Jason Quinn, Research Associate Professor, Peace Accords Matrix
  • Ana Sanchez-Ramirez, Ph.D. student in Peace Studies and History
  • Sally Sharif, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Peace Accords Matrix

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