Reparations + Abolition = Reparationists: The Abolitionists of Our Time


Location: Zoom Webinar


Featuring David Ragland, Co-Executive Director for Reparations, Culture, and Organizing, The Truth Telling Project

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The term reparationist integrates the holistic and spiritual concepts of reparations for Black people with the “abolition-democracy” concept-the practiced dismantling of the systems that maintain, reinforce, and profit from various forms of oppression that dominate the world slavery created. Reparationists engage in the spiritual journey to uproot white supremacy externally and internally while working toward full reparations and abolition-democracy.

Dr. Ragland is a writer, scholar, and activist with a focus on reparations and advocacy. He is a co-founder of the Truth Telling Project (TTP), where he currently leads reparations efforts as the co-executive director of TTP’s Grassroots Reparations Campaign. Additionally, he serves as the Reparations Director at Jubilee Justice and Impact Investment and Education Firm. Most recently, he has worked as a founding member in the creation of the Kibilio Community and Farms Collective, a Queer Black-Led Intentional community focused on healing and reparations. Ragland is also a convenor and facilitator at George Mason University's Think Peace, a new initiative that provides technical assistance for truth-telling, reparations, and reconciliation processes around the United States.

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This event is part of the Kroc Institute’s new initiative focused on intersectionality and justice.