Connect with the Kroc Institute at the Oceanic Conference on International Studies

Location: Virtual Event


The Kroc Institute will be engaging at the 9th Biennial Oceanic Conference on International Studies, held virtually, in a variety of ways. If you’re planning to attend, please join us at any of the following events! 

Open conversation convened by the Kroc Institute:

Sunday, December 6, 9:00-10:30 p.m. EST (Monday, December 7, 1:00-2:30 p.m. AEDT)  

Effects of COVID on Teaching and Research in Higher Education: Which Disruptions do We Want to Preserve?

Discussion of how the current pandemic has highlighted structural inequalities and provided opportunities for alternative approaches to teaching and research in higher education. Opening comments will draw on experiences at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame in the U.S. to discuss challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic. This will be followed by breakout discussions where participants can share their own experiences and elicit ideas for reimagining peace education post-COVID.


Fieldwork: Challenges and Opportunities during a Pandemic

Caroline Hughes, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. Chair in Peace Studies

Summer Institute for Teaching Peace: Moving a Training Institute Online

George A. Lopez, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies

Student Recruitment & Alumni Relations: Challenges to Visas, Travel & Finances

Anne Hayner, Associate Director for Alumni Relations 

Panel discussion: What Comes After the Local Turn? Thinking Towards South-South Collaboration and South-North Assistance in Peacebuilding

Thursday, December 10, 7:00-8:30 pm EST (Friday, December 11, 11:00 am-12:30 pm AEDT)


  • Prashan De Visser (M.A. '15, Sri Lanka), Global Unites
  • Tahir Aziz (M.A. '03, Kashmir), Conciliation Resources
  • Prakash Bhattarai (M.A. '10, Nepal), Centre for Social Change
  • Jian Yi (M.A. '98, PR China), The Good Food Fund
  • Chair: Caroline Hughes, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Closing Keynote Address: Where Exactly Am I Sitting at That Table? Race, Prejudice and Perpetual (In)Security in International Relations

Thursday, December 10, 11:00 p.m. EST U.S. (Friday, December 11, 3:00 p.m. AEDT)

Featuring Bina D'Costa, Australian National University

Bina (M.A. '97) is the 2020 Kroc Institute Distinguished Alumni Award winner.

This event is hosted by the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. You can review the full program of events and register for the conference at