Understanding and Engaging Movements for Justice: Sarah Nahar


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Sarah Thompson

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The events of 2020 are laying bare inequalities that have long plagued the United States and the global community. The intersections of the pandemic, ongoing racialized violence, and hate-filled political rhetoric, combined with the volatility of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, are exposing the costs of the status quo and pushing each of us to examine our role in advocating for justice. 

The Kroc Institute is partnering with Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana, to offer a series advocating for nonviolence as an effective strategy to resist violence and support movements for justice. Voices from different streams of nonviolence—including communal nonviolence, liberationist nonviolence, and strategic nonviolence—will speak as witnesses to the power of nonviolence in action.


Sarah Nahar, Ph.D. student in the department of religion at Syracuse University and visiting instructor in the department of Environmental Studies at the State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Sarah is a licensed minister within the Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA, and co-consultant to the developing board of Tolson Center in Elkhart, Indiana. She is also the former executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams.

Session Topic: Sarah will present tactics and strategies for nonviolent direct action and movement building. Her insights will draw on both Anabapstist and Black feminist perspectives on action for justice, peacebuilding, and change processes.

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You can view the full AMBS Witness Colloquium series on their website

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