Where Did George Clooney Go? The Darfur Conflict as a Pressing Global Issue


Location: C103, Hesburgh Center for International Studies

David Lanz Small

David Lanz

Scholar in Residence with the Kroc Institute Mediation Program

The lecture grows out of Lanz's current book project analyzing the international response to the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. A forgotten conflict at the outset, Darfur transformed into a global cause that commanded widespread media attention, was the subject of a large-scale advocacy movement, and became a prominent foreign policy issue in the U.S., the UK and France. However, in recent years, Darfur has again fallen off the radar, even though the conflict is unresolved, violence against civilians persists, and the humanitarian situation remains dreadful. Making sense of the "deconstruction" of Darfur as a pressing global issue, the presentation formulates a critique of dominant theories of norm diffusion and makes suggestions for improvement.