Dancing Conflicts: an Embodied Approach to Transformation & Peace


Location: C103 Hesburgh Center for International Studies

Paula Facci

Paula Facci

Kroc Institute Visiting Research Fellow

How does one tap the energies of conflict in a way that inspires new alternatives of transformation and new dynamics of relationships, unfolding peace in the process? Motivated by this question, Facci researches the potential of dance and movement as a method of elicitive conflict transformation in a theoretical and practical approach. Her focus is on the intrapersonal level of the peace and conflict worker and people in daily life.

Drawing from the transrational peace philosophy and elicitive conflict mapping (Dietrich 2012, 2013 and 2017), Facci specifically investigates an embodied approach to conflict transformation having sexuality and gender as starting points to understand conflict dynamics. A dialogue is established with feminist and gender theories on subjectivity, identity and power, facilitating an exploration of the power contained in vulnerability and in the intersections of difference and belonging. Facci argues that such a practice enables access to creativity and agency resting within and contributes to a connection to self and others, opening space for experiences of peace. Also, she argues that providing a safe space for embodied exploration of the layers composing human experience contributes to finding orientation and identifying new courses of action in each person’s own context, contributing to the dynamic balance of the conflictive system.