Principles of Ethics, Natural Law, and Politics in Dealing with Refugees


Location: C103 Hesburgh Center for International Studies


Vittorio Hösle

Paul Kimball Professor of Arts and Letters, Department of German & Russian Languages and Literatures; Concurrent Professor of Philosophy and of Political Science


The refugee crisis in Europe has redirected public attention to the millions of people living as refugees and the possible repercussions on the international system. He will discuss the moral, legal, and political facets of this extremely complex issue and analyze more in-depth the strengths and weaknesses of the German reaction in 2015.   


Hösle's scholarly interests are in the areas of systematic philosophy (metaphysics, ethics, esthetics, political theory) and history of philosophy (mainly ancient and modern). His last book is The Philosophical Dialogue. Professor Hösle has written or edited 34 books and published around 135 articles. His books have appeared in 20 languages. Among his other prizes and awards, he received the Fritz-Winter Prize of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and has had visiting professorships in many countries and fellowships at various institution, such as the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Hösle is an Ordinary Member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.