Law: Advocacy and Solidarity

  • Family law and domestic violence protection
  • Human rights law
  • Immigration law, immigrant services and education 
  • Indigenous cultural preservation, solidarity and rights 
  • International law and policy work 
  • Labor and employment law/protection 
  • Land issues
  • Migrant justice, migration and human trafficking  
  • Work with youth: Child protection, rights, services    

Chernor Bah, M.A. ’11

Chernor Bah works at the United Nations under Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education, as an advocate for girls’ education.

Chernor Bah

Anastasia Kushleyko, M.A. ’01

Anastasia Kushleyko is a regional legal adviser for the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she leads efforts to integrate and promote international humanitarian law.

Anastasia Kushleyko

Anna Walther, M.A. ’08

Anna Walther is an associate attorney at Martinez, Aguilasocho & Lynch, APLC, in Bakersfiled, California, where she advocates for the rights of farmworkers. 

Anna Walther