Afghanistan Program for Peace and Development

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Founded in fall 2021 and formally announced in March 2022, the Afghanistan Program for Peace and Development (AfPAD) amplifies and increases attention to the voices of Afghan peace and development practitioners and scholars nationally and internationally.

This program is a joint initiative of the Kroc Institute and the Pulte Institute for Global Development, both part of the Keough School of Global Affairs

With unique expertise and experience working on an inclusive Afghan peace process over the last twenty years, the AfPAD focuses on three primary areas:

  1. Regional support and research on options for an inclusive peace process
  2. National-level mediation to support an inclusive Afghan constitution
  3. Local-level peace and sustainable development initiatives harnessing the Community Development Councils created under the Afghan National Solidarity Program

In each of these areas, the AfPAD also seeks to improve human rights for women, girls, and other at-risk groups in Afghanistan.

Since its inception following the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the AfPAD has organized a series of public policy forums focused on understanding the unfolding situation in Afghanistan, responses to the new Taliban regime, reflections on the United Nations secretary-general’s report regarding the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan’s mandate, and exploring the risks of a renewed phase of armed conflict. Additionally, the AfPAD convened one Track II dialogue and published three podcast episodes, as part of The Kroc Cast podcast series, that highlighted the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe on Afghan women.

AfPAD programs have drawn in a diverse group of participants, including individuals from minority ethnic groups, civil society organizations, women’s movements, businesspeople, and religious leaders in Kabul, Afghanistan's provinces, and the global diaspora. Additionally, representatives from Norwegian, United States, and United Kingdom governments and United Nations officials have participated in the Program’s activities during this period.

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Image: Daily Life in Herat, Afghanistan. UN Photo/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0