Faculty Fellows (Alphabetical)

Kroc Institute Faculty Fellows are professors whose primary appointments are in other academic units across campus, whose expertise and interests intersect with issues of peace and justice. They often teach courses that are part of the peace studies curriculum, collaborate with Institute faculty, and contribute to Institute research initiatives. They also work closely with Krsoc Institute doctoral students, serving on dissertation committees and as dissertation advisors. Through their research and teaching, Faculty Fellows help amplify the impact of the Kroc Institute on and outside of campus. Faculty Fellows are eligible to apply for Kroc research grants, may participate in the Summer Institute, receive support for planning events related to the Institute’s mission, and their peace studies related research will be disseminated through Kroc’s communications network.

In addition, Faculty Fellows may be requested to participate in short-term projects, academic advising, or other Institute events that should not have a significant impact on the Fellow’s time and provide opportunities for professional growth for the Fellow. Such activities include: serving on the Kroc Ph.D. admissions committee; directing and serving on dissertation committees; participating in Institute public events as a speaker or panelist; and attending an annual meeting for Faculty Fellows toward the end of the academic year. The length of a Kroc Institute Faculty Fellow appointment is 3 years, or less, if the faculty member's primary appointment contract ends sooner.

This list is organized in alphabetical order by last name.

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Hussein Abdulsater, Assistant Professor of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Muslim theological and ethical discourses in their interactions with each other and with non-Muslim discourses; depictions of major theological themes and schools in classical Arabic literature and historiography

Ellis Adjei Adams, Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Policy, Keough School of Global Affairs
Research Interests: Environmental policy; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); water policy and governance; gender, water, and development; cities; political ecology; sub-Saharan Africa

Maurizio Albahari, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Migration and refugee mobility; sovereignty, democracy, and human rights; citizenship, cities, and aesthetics; pluralism and religion in public life; and epistemology

Christopher Ball, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Language, semiotics of culture, politics of communication, ritual, discourse and interaction, grammatical categories and thought, indigeneity, Amazonia, Japan

Kraig Beyerlein, Associate Professor of Sociology; Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Society
Research interests: Sociology of religion, social movements/collective behavior, civil engagement/social capital, quantitative methods, social networks, sociology of culture

Paolo G. Carozza, Professor of Law; Concurrent Professor of Political Science
Research Interests:  International law, international human rights, European and Latin American legal systems and comparative law.

Nitesh Chawla, Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Founding Director of the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society
Research Interests: Big data for the common good; machine learning and cognitive computing as a support for negotiation and peace processes 

Ann-Marie Conrado, Associate Professor of Industrial Design
Research Interests: Design and economic justice, empowerment, rural advocacy, educational access, disability and equality, especially in Nepal 

E. Mark Cummings, William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families Professor of Psychology
Research Interests:  Emotional security as a general theoretical model for children’s development in families, and research-based prevention and parent-educational programs

John Deak, Associate Professor of History
Research Interests: 
Economic & History of Capitalism, Empires & Colonialism, Legal, Political

Michael C. Desch, Packey J. Dee Professor of International Relations; Brian and Jeannelle Brady Family Director, Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC)
Research interests: International security policy, American foreign policy, democracy and war, political theory and international relations


Darren Dochuk, Andrew V. Tackes College Professor of History; Director of Graduate Studies
Research interests: The United States in the long twentieth century, with emphasis on the intersections of religion, politics and the rising influence of  the American West and Sunbelt Southwest in national life


Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Political Science, Vice President and Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary Initiatives
Research Interests:  African politics, religion and politics, ethnic conflict and peacebuilding, political parties and party systems, comparative democratization

David Gibson, Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: Social interaction, language, deliberation, decision making, social networks, theory, secrecy & deception

Mark Golitko, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests:  Prehistoric violence, paleoenvironment and human adaptation, prehistoric and ethnographic economic and social networks and their impact on biocultural patterning

Dawn M. Gondoli, William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families College Professor of Psychology
Research Interests: Adolescent development within the family context with an emphasis on parenting practices and the determinants of parenting

Rev. Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Theology and Global Affairs
Research Interests: Immigration, globalization, migration, Latino spirituality

Perin Gurel, Associate Professor of American Studies; Concurrent Associate Professor of Gender Studies
Research Interests: Exploring the United States in the world and the world in the United States through transnational feminist lenses, with special focus on U.S.-Middle East relations and Islam in the United States after World War I

Sandra M. Gustafson, Professor of English; Concurrent Professor of American Studies
Research Interests: Literature and deliberative democracy theory; religious rhetoric, conflict, and consensus; literature and peace education

Eric Haanstad, Associate Professor of the Practice, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Anthropology
Research Interests: State security, music in ethnographic fieldwork, and symbolic expression and theatrical performance in Southeast Asia

Mary Catherine Hilkert, Professor of Theology
Research Interests: 
Theology Anthropology, Feminist and Intercultural Theologies, the Interrelationship of Theology, Preaching, and Spirituality


Vittorio G. Hösle, Paul Kimball Professor of Arts and Letters, Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures; Concurrent Professor of Philosophy and of Political Science
Research Interests: Just war theory, theories of development


Victoria Tin-bor Hui, Associate Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: Dynamics of international politics and state-society relations in historical China and historical Europe


Eileen M. Hunt, Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: Feminist political theory, gender and human development, women's rights as human rights, history of feminism and its relation to abolition, labor, and peace movements


Jennifer Huynh, Assistant Professor of American Studies
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Asian American Studies, Immigrant Integration, Transnationalism, and Diaspora

Debra Javeline, Associate Professor of Political Science
Research Interests:  Comparative politics, mass political behavior, survey research, and the politics of post-Soviet and other post-communist regimes

Lionel Jensen, Associate Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Interests: Chinese religion and thought, contemporary economy and politics, human rights, folklore, early Sino-Western contact, popular cults, comparative mythology, and nationalism

Rev. Paul V. Kollman, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Theology
Research Interests:  African Christianity and mission history

Julia Kowalski, Assistant Professor of Global Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs; Concurrent Faculty, Gender Studies Program
Research Interests: Gender; kinship; women’s rights; personhood; gendered violence; everyday institutional practices; north India

Daniel Lapsley, ACE Collegiate Professor of Psychology
Research Interests: Adolescent social cognitive and personality development, including work on adolescent invulnerability and risk behavior, narcissism, separation-individuation, self, ego and identity development, and college adjustment

Rev. William M. Lies, C.S.C., Vice President for Mission Engagement and Church Affairs
Research Interests:  Religion and politics of Latin America

A. James McAdams, William M. Scholl Professor of International Affairs, Department of Political Science
Research Interests:  Comparative politics and foreign policy, emphasizing Eastern and Western Europe

Rory McVeigh, Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor in Sociology; Director, Center for the Study of Social Movements
Research Interests:  Inequality, social movements, political sociology, race and ethnicity

Erin Metz McDonnell, Kellogg Associate Professor of Sociology
Research interests: State capacity in sub-Saharan Africa; post-conflict institutional change

Mahan Mirza, Executive Director, Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion; Teaching Professor
Research Interests: Islamic studies in relation to science, scripture, education, history, and politics

Olivier Morel, Joint Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures and Film, Television, and Theatre
Research Interests: Literature, cinema, art and peacebuilding; writing and filming trauma; media and war; testimony, responsibility and forgiveness; post-war in France and Germany

Dana Moss, Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: Social movements, political sociology, diaspora and immigrant politics, transnationalism, the Middle East and North Africa, qualitative and comparative-historical methods

Paul Ocobock, Associate Professor of History
Research Interests: Youth movements and violence in Africa; gerontocratic politics; African anti-colonial movements; comparative colonialism and imperialism

Rahul Oka, Associate Research Professor, Anthropology and Keough School of Global Affairs
Research Interests: Trading systems and networks in the disaster economies of western and northern Kenya and southern Sudan and their relationship to development issues; violence and scapegoating of merchant and other transient groups; relationships between commercial groups and political regulatory institutions

Matthew Payne, Associate Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre
Research Interests: New media studies, video game studies, media literacy, media production, and military entertainment

Jaime Pensado, Associate Professor of History
Research interests: The role of competing powerbrokers amid growing student unrest and youth conflict in postrevolutionary Mexico vis-à-vis the employment of agent provocateurs and student intermediaries; impact of the Cuban Revolution on leftist and ultraconservative student politics in Mexico during the long sixties

Margaret Pfeil, Teaching Professor, Department of Theology
Research Interests: Catholic social thought, environmental ethics, spirituality of nonviolence, and racial justice

Daniel Philpott, Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: Religion and global politics; transitional justice; reconciliation; ethics and international relations

Jean Porter, John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology
Research Interests: Theological and secular theories of justice; theory and practice of natural/human rights; medieval and contemporary ideals of political life

Emilia Justyna Powell, Professor of Political Science; Concurrent Associate Professor of Law
Research Interests: International law, international courts, peaceful resolution of international disputes, domestic legal traditions, relationship between Islamic law and international law, territorial disputes

Alison Rice, Chair, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures; Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Research Interests: Postcolonial theory; immigrant literature; women’s international human rights; music and memory; translation; writing war, trauma; literature, film, and forgiveness

Sebastian Rosato, Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: International relations theory, international security, democracy and war, political and economic integration

Maura A. Ryan, John Cardinal O'Hara, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Christian Ethics; Vice President and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Research Interests:  Bioethics and health policy, feminist ethics, and fundamental moral theology

Walter Scheirer, Dennis O. Doughty Collegiate Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Biometrics,and Digital Humanities

James Sterba, Professor of Philosophy
Research Interests: Ethics, political philosophy, environmental ethics, philosophy of peace and justice

Julia Adeney Thomas, Associate Professor of History
Research Interests: Concepts of nature in Japanese political ideology, the impact of the climate crisis on historiography, and photography as a political practice

Guillermo Trejo, Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: Social movements, impact of transitional justice on new democracies, political and criminal violence, human rights

Thomas A. Tweed, Harold and Martha Welch Professor of American Studies; Professor of History
Research Interests: Religion's role in sanctioning inequity and violence and promoting peace and justice; interdisciplinary, comparative, and transnational study of religion, especially Buddhism and Catholicism; religion in the Pacific World; religion in the Americas

Azareen Van der Vliet OloomiAssociate Professor of English; Concurrent Faculty, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Research Interests: Literatures of Annihilation, Exile and Resistance; Memory Studies; Space Studies; Middle Eastern Literature; Latin American and Iberian Literature; American Literature; Postcolonial Theory; Ethics and Aesthetics of the Novel

Todd D. Whitmore, Associate Professor of Theology and Concurrent Associate Professor of Anthropology; Co-Director, Catholic Social Tradition Minor
Research Interests:  Moral theology, particularly social ethics, focusing on the ways in which theological language promotes, masks, and sometimes curbs the use of violence

Rev. Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Management & Organization; Director, Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business
Research Interests:  The ethics of virtue and how it might inform the ethical conduct of managers as well as the corporate culture of institutions with a focus on the problem of South African apartheid

Sharon Yoon, Assistant Professor of Korean Studies
Research Interests: Global and transnational sociology; race, ethnicity, and migration; economic sociology; sociology of culture; qualitative and ethnographic methods; East Asia