Graduate Student Publications


(listed in descending order by publication date)

Lederach, Angela J. "Youth provoking peace: an intersectional approach to territorial peacebuilding in Colombia." Peacebuilding, May 2019.  


Marcantonio, R.A. "Water, anxiety, and the human niche: a study in Southern Province, Zambia," Climate and Development. 21 May 2019. 


Khan, Helal Mohammed. "The People’s Forest: Environmental Activism Surrounding the Sundarbans in Bangladesh." The Jahangirnagar Review, Part II: Social Science, Vol. XL, 2019, pp. 81-95


Marcantonio, R. A. and Bolten, C. 2019. "Farmers Facing Climate Change in Southern Zambia." Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis. Vol. 1 (1) p. 61-84.