Supplementary Major or Minor

Supplementary Major Or Minor

The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies offers a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that draws from both the humanities and the social sciences. Students may choose from two curriculum options: the Supplementary Major (24.0 credits) or the Interdisciplinary Minor (15.0 credits). Both options are supplementary and can only be pursued in addition to a full primary major.

The major and minor both require three foundational courses that explore the concepts and ideas central to peace studies: an introductory course, a mid-level course on peacebuilding, and a writing-intensive capstone seminar. Students also select a number of thematic electives designed to either deepen knowledge of specific peacebuilding concepts or support integrated learning between peace studies and other majors and minors.

Courses are taught by top research faculty and respected scholar-practitioners who have a variety of expertise in theory, practice, and policy. Faculty represent many different academic disciplines that contribute to peace studies, including political science, anthropology, history, law, psychology, religious studies, literature, business, media, sociology, philosophy, theology, and others.