Why Peace Studies?

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Why study peace? Because...

  • Peace studies provides undergraduates with the opportunity to envision the world as it ought to be, rather than simply how it is.
  • Peace studies equips students with the knowledge to understand the causes of violent conflict, develop nonviolent ways of addressing violence, and build peaceful, just societies.
  • Peace studies links research and scholarship with policy and practice and challenges students to develop new and better ways of both thinking and acting.
  • Peace studies deepens critical thinking and provides a useful framework for analyzing and understanding current events, global issues, and policy decisions. It gives students an additional perspective that sets them apart within the next generation of global leaders.
  • Peace studies is an interdisciplinary program. It allows students to explore important topics and questions from a variety of academic perspectives that supplement the disciplinary training they gain from their major.
  • Peace studies empowers students to combine their multiple intellectual interests with their personal ideals. They can shape their time at Notre Dame into a meaningful experience that prepares them for the work of building a better world.