Why Peace Studies?

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The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study open to undergraduates of any major at Notre Dame. It draws on many different academic disciplines in order to understand the causes of violent conflict, develop nonviolent ways of addressing violence, and build peaceful and just societies.

Peace studies links scholarship to practice and challenges students to develop their knowledge into new ways of thinking and acting in the world. Students deepen critical thinking skills, strengthen research and writing ability, and learn specific tactics in areas such as conflict transformation and social change. Peace studies provides students with the capacity to imagine and build the global community as it ought to be, rather than simply accept how it is, and gives them the skills to work toward that vision.

Students who join the program gain an additional perspective that sets them apart from others in their major as well as a useful framework for analyzing and understanding current events, global issues and policy decisions. The program offers students a valuable opportunity to combine multiple intellectual interests and personal ideals into a positive learning experience.

The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies adds value to any primary major, and students from any of Notre Dame’s six Schools and Colleges are welcome to join the program.