Summer Research Grants

Emily Beaudoin Ghana 2016Kroc undergraduate Emily Beaudoin in Ghana, 2016.

Notre Dame undergraduates (in any major) are invited to apply for summer research grants. The grants are intended for Notre Dame juniors pursuing an interest that relates to the research agendas of the Kellogg Institute (human development and democracy) or the Kroc Institute (international peace and justice).

Several grants of up to $5,000 are awarded each year.

The deadline for applications for 2024 has closed. More information and application materials are available on the Kellogg Institute website

For questions about the program, please contact Holly Rivers, Assistant Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies at or 574-631-6023. 

Recent Peace Studies Recipients


Adrian Lore (anthropology/peace studies) - "Examining the Confluence of Place-making and Claims-making among the Palenquero in Post-Conflict Colombia"


Claudia Serrano (economics/sociology/peace studies) - "Reactions of the Working Sector to the Colombian Peace Treaty"

Francesco Tassi (international economics/peace studies) - "Understanding Integration: A Study of Local Dynamics, Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Southern Europe"


Emily Beaudoin (gender studies/peace studies) - “Discourses on Women's Empowerment in Cape Coast, Ghana” (Ghana)


Shannon Bugos (English/peace studies) - “The Imagined ‘Fifth Province’ in Northern Ireland’s Field Day Theatre Productions” (Northern Ireland)

Flor Flores (political science/peace studies) - “Effectiveness of Orphanages in Peru” (Peru)


Douglas Barnard (theology/peace studies) - "Effects of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on Ugandans' Commitment to Social Development" (Uganda)

Ethan Englert (science business/peace studies) “The Social and Psychological Risks Posed to Health Workers When Responding to Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreaks in Uganda” (Uganda)

Megan Fuerst (science preprofessional studies/peace studies) - “Defining Motherhood: Barriers and Motivations to Prenatal Care in Rural Uganda” (Uganda)


Margeaux Prinster (anthropology/peace studies) - “Traditional Knowledge is Power: An Exploration of Women’s Empowerment Through Vocational Training in Rajasthan’s Handicraft Sector” (India)


Jenna Knapp (anthropology/peace studies) - "Will These Wounds Ever Heal? Trauma and Healing in the Lives of Salvadoran Street Children" (El Salvador)

Ayslinn Tice (anthropology/peace studies) - "Education in Lesotho: School, Gender Roles, and Sexual Negotiation" (South Africa)


Michelle Byrne (science-business/peace studies) - "The Source of Water System Development: Bridging the Gap Between Problems and Solutions Regarding Water Issues in Nindye, Uganda" (Uganda)

Maureen Howard (political science/peace studies) - "A Child's Right to Education: Uganda's Response, 1997-2008" (Uganda)


Gary Barnabo (economics/political science/peace studies) - "European Approaches to Counterterrorism"


Angela Lederach (anthropology/peace studies) - "Women and the Reintegration of Child Soldiers in West Africa"

Colleen Mallahan (economics/peace studies) - Challenges to Building Democracy in Uganda


Lisa Reijulah (political science/peace studies) - "Creating Common Ground: The Struggle for Tolerance and Inclusion of Minority Speakers, A Study of the Finnish and Estonian Experiences"


Molly Kinder (government & international studies/peace studies) - "Public Policies for Social Justice: Can Chile's New Democracy Deliver the ‘Economic Miracle’ Concurrently with Social Justice and Equity?"


Mark Massoud (sociology/peace studies) - "Constitution Human Rights in an Emerging Democracy: Social Justice After Apartheid"


Molly Gavin (government & international studies/peace studies) - "Women’s Movements and Class in the Dominican Republic"