Summer Research Grants

Emily Beaudoin Ghana 2016Kroc undergraduate Emily Beaudoin in Ghana, 2016.

Notre Dame undergraduates (in any major) are invited to apply for summer research grants. The grants are intended for Notre Dame juniors pursuing an interest that relates to the research agendas of the Kellogg Institute (human development and democracy) or the Kroc Institute (international peace and justice).

Several grants of up to $5,000 are awarded each year.

More information and application materials are available on the Kellogg Institute website. The 2019 deadline for applications is February 25.

For questions about the program, please contact Holly Rivers, Assistant Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies,, 574-631-6023. 

Recent Grant Recipients


  • Olivia August - environmental engineering “Design and Operationalization of Needs Assessment Tool for Footbridges in Rural Nicaragua” (Nicaragua)
  • Emily Beaudoin - gender studies/peace studies “Discourses on Women's Empowerment in Cape Coast, Ghana” (Ghana)
  • Emily Campbell - English/anthropology/Italian “The Power of Public Health: The Girls’ Room Project and its Impact on Girls’ Gendered Experiences in Rwandan Secondary Schools” (Rwanda)
  • Cindy Do - science-business “Intercorporeality of Disability:  The Social Production and Personal Embodiment of Agent Orange in Hanoi, Vietnam” (Vietnam)
  • Sarah Fracci - biological sciences “Investigation of the Effects of Accompaniment on the Reduction of Stigmatization and the Renewal of Self-Dignity in Women Battling Breast Cancer in Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Erin Hanahoebiology “How Community-based Educational Campaigns for Sickle Cell Disease are Changing Healthcare Practices in Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Moira Horn - gender studies/pre-health studies “Rhetoric of Maternal Healthcare Policy in Rural Mexico” (Mexico)
  • CJ Humes - environmental sciences  “Social Determinants of Clean Water: Use of WaterGuard in Fort Portal” (Uganda)
  • Sam Jezakhistory “Conscientious Consumerism in Costa Rican Coffee” (Costa Rica)
  • Daniel Kendall - neuroscience and behavior “Assessing the Sociocultural Determinants of the Medical Brain Drain in Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Bernadette Miramontes - biology/anthropology  “Healthcare Access, Attitudes, and Knowledge of HIV Positive Urban Poor Women in Pune, India” (India)
  • Brian Mukhayaaccounting “Mentorship in Slum Entrepreneurship” (Kenya)
  • Jenny Ng - political science “Demystifying Brazil-China Relations” (China)
  • Abigail Radomsky - biological sciences “Improving Comprehensive and Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care through Retrospective Analysis of Intrapartum Stillbirth Data in Southwestern Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Andrea Ringer - international economics/Spanish “Worker Cooperatives in Chile” (Chile)
  • Zhixing Zhang - history/mathematics “Planting the Seeds of the Modern East Asian Dilemma: Myths and New Interpretations of the Japanese Invasions of Korea (1592-1598)” (China)


  • Mark Brahier - biological sciences “Healthcare Access in the Granada, Nicaragua Garbage Dump Community” (Nicaragua)
  • Shannon Bugos - English/peace studies “The Imagined ‘Fifth Province’ in Northern Ireland’s Field Day Theatre Productions” (Northern Ireland)
  • Lauran Feist - international economics/political science “Presidents Against Governors: Federalism and Argentine Democracy” (Argentina)
  • Kereknaan Fiannaan - film, theater, and television/sociology “Heterophily or Homophily? South African Citizens’ Preferences of Community Development Project Leaders” (South Africa)
  • Flor Flores - political science “Effectiveness of Orphanages in Peru” (Peru)
  • Bryan Graveline - civil engineering “Determining the Factors that Affect Adoption of Design Code Enhancements: Analyses of Construction Practices and Social, Education, and Cultural Influences in Tacloban, Philippines in the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan” (Philippines)
  • Bright Gyamfi - history/political science “Analyzing the Development of the Ghanaian History Curriculum” (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Alexandria Kristensen Cabrera - science-business “Target Interventions to Promote the Practice of Breastfeeding for Mothers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic” (Dominican Republic)
  • Adam Logeman  - civil engineering “Understanding the Relationship Between Structural Violence and Structural Vulnerability: A Study of Urban Housing in Nicaragua” (Nicaragua)
  • Nicholas Nissen - pre-health studies/Spanish “Empowerment in Dominican Birth: Can Women in Samaná Control Their Exposure to Unnecessary C-sections?” (Dominican Republic)
  • Jessica Peck - romance languages and literatures “Participation in Urban Agriculture Organizations in Santiago de Chile” (Chile)
  • Andrew Scruggs - English/international economics “Extraction within the Informal Economy of Haitian Migrants in Guadeloupe” (Guadeloupe)


  • Douglas Barnard - theology/peace studies "Effects of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on Ugandans' Commitment to Social Development" (Uganda)
  • Claire Donovan - French "Micronutrient Fortification and its Impact on Maternal and Child Health: A Model for Sustainable Health Aid?” (Senegal)
  • Ethan Englert - science business “The Social and Psychological Risks Posed to Health Workers When Responding to Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreaks in Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Megan Fuerst - science preprofessional studies/peace studiesDefining Motherhood: Barriers and Motivations to Prenatal Care in Rural Uganda” (Uganda)
  • Madelynn Green - political science “Graffiti and Neighborhood Development in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil” (Brazil)
  • Emily Mediate - Africana studies/pre-health studies “An Analysis of the Integration of HIV/AIDS Targeted Private Foreign Aid Personnel within Uganda’s Public Healthcare System” (Uganda)
  • Chris Newton - political science “Fractionalization in Rebel Groups: The Case of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist” (Nepal)
  • Elisabeth O'Toole - international economics “Direct Trade Coffee: Fairer than Fair Trade?” (Guatemala)
  • Alexis Palá - anthropology “Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Look at Chile” (Chile)
  • Anna Simon - chemistry “Battling Water Scarcity: Sustainable Water Conservation Strategies for Developing Cities” (United States)
  • Elizabeth Wetterer - pre-health studies/psychology “The Effect of Relaxation on Pain Management in Mexican Burn Victims” (Mexico)


  • Peter Cummings - political science “The Rises and Falls of the Chilean Student Movement Since 1990” (Chile)
  • Kevin Fink - civil engineering “Assessment of the Seismic Resiliency of the Existing Housing Model in Quito” (Ecuador) 
  • Genevieve Gill-Wiehl - English/pre-Health Studies “Accompanying Accompagnateurs: Support Systems Among Community Health Workers in Peru” (Peru) 
  • Alexander Killen - history “Hip-Hop, Gender, and Generation: A History of Ugandan Hip-Hop from the 1980s to 2005” (Uganda) 
  • Deanna Kolberg - political Science/Chinese  “Multinational Corporations as a Tool for China’s Soft Power in Asia” (Vietnam) 
  • Margeaux Prinster - anthropology “Traditional Knowledge is Power: An Exploration of Women’s Empowerment Through Vocational Training in Rajasthan’s Handicraft Sector” (India) 
  • Brandon Saia - anthropology/Pre-Health Studies “When East Meets West: Recognizing the Benefits of Sri Lanka’s Pluralistic Medical System” (Sri Lanka)
  • Denise Umubyeyi - political science “Partnerships in Higher Education: Implications for the Development of Rwandan Health Care” (Rwanda)


  • Margot Morris - anthropology “Effectiveness of Mosquito Net Implementation in Kampong Chhang, Cambodia” (Cambodia)
Catherine Reidy - psychology “Neverland? Future Orientations and Transitions to Adulthood in Sierra Leone” (Sierra Leone)
Hannah Reiser - science preprofessional studies “Helping Babies Breathe: Transition from NGO to a State Delivered Program” (Bangladesh)
Kara Ryan - science preprofessional studies “Individual-level analysis of development indicators in Karnataka, India” (India)
  • Carl Silliman - architecture “Designing a Proper Home for Permanently Displaced Refugees” (Nepal, India)


  • Benjamin German - program of liberal studies/economics "Measuring the Moral Development of Rural and Urban Indian Schoolchildren" (India)
  • Hanna O'Brien - science pre-professional/anthropology "Quality of Life for the Sick and Dying: Challenges in Ugandan Palliative Care and Its Relation to Curative Services" (Uganda)
  • Joe VanderZee - history/Spanish "One New World, Two New Spheres? Difference in Missionary Efforts among Spanish and Indigenous Peoples of Colonial Peru" (Peru)
  • Gregory Woods - science pre-professional/sociology  "‘Inside Healthcare and Recidivism: A Case Study of Gulu Prison" (Uganda)


  • Robyn Grant - history "Perverse Verses: Homophobia and Literary Censorship in Revolutionary Cuba" (United States)
  • Stephanie Mulhern - history/Spanish "Idolatry and Criminality: Making Sense of Indigenous Life in Colonial Peru" (Peru)
  • Claire Naus - biological sciences "Gender Inequality and the Health of Women and Children in Lesotho" (South Africa)
  • John Villeco - anthropology "Ugandan Youth: Perspective on HIV/AIDS Social Support and Self-Efficacy" (Uganda)


  • Jenna Knapp - anthropology/peace studies "Will These Wounds Ever Heal? Trauma and Healing in the Lives of Salvadoran Street Children" (El Salvador)
  • Kerry Pecho - anthropology/Spanish "Building an Understanding of 'Children at Risk' in Latin America" (Chile)
  • Timothy Reidy - architecture "Rebuilding Northern Uganda" (Uganda)
  • Christopher Smith - chemistry "A Cooperative Approach to Groundwater Protection in Benin: Establishing the Link Between Land Use and Contamination" (Benin)
  • Allison Thomas - English/art history "Revolutionary Nativism: the Indigenous Aesthetic in Chilean and Nicaraguan Political Art" (Nicaragua)
  • Ayslinn Tice - anthropology/peace studies "Education in Lesotho: School, Gender Roles, and Sexual Negotiation" (South Africa)


  • Susan Bigelow - political science/theology "Catholic Liturgy and Authentic Human Development in Uganda" (Uganda)
  • Allyson Brantley - history "Borderland Identities: The 1911 Socialist Invasion of Baja California" (United States and Mexico)
  • Michelle Byrne - science-business "The Source of Water System Development: Bridging the Gap Between Problems and Solutions Regarding Water Issues in Nindye, Uganda" (Uganda)
  • Katie Day - theology/political science "Measuring Government Corruption in Uganda: Allocation of Funds for the Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture, 2005-2008" (Uganda)
  • Sean Hoskins - political science/economics "Determinants of Agricultural Output in Nnindye, Uganda" (Uganda)
  • Maureen Howard - political science/peace studies "A Child's Right to Education: Uganda's Response, 1997-2008" (Uganda)