Previous Scholars in Residence


David Lanz  is the Co-Head of the Mediation Program at swisspeace and a lecturer at the University of Basel. While the Kroc Institute, Lanz worked on a book project based on his dissertation and examined the role of the Responsibility to Protect norm in relation to the Darfur conflict. The book traces Darfur’s trajectory from a forgotten conflict to one of the most prominent global causes and its return to forgotten status in recent years.

Ahmet Erdi Öztürk is a Fellow at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) at Linköping University. He is also the Turkey correspondent for EUREL (Sociological and Legal Data on Religions in Europe and Beyond). While at the Kroc Institute, Öztürk worked on revisions of his book manuscript and on published articles at the Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies and International Spectator.

Arin Savran recently completed her Ph.D. in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. While at the Kroc Institute, she worked with Professor Caroline Hughes on developing her 2018 doctoral dissertation into a book manuscript. 

Christoph Trinn holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Heidelberg University, Germany. While at the Kroc Institute, he worked on an article on the role of trigger events in the escalation of intrastate conflicts. The analysis showed how individual incidents can spark propagating chain reactions. It highlighted the challenges of forecasting dynamics in, and intervening into, complex social systems.