New Book investigates Lament and Hope in East Africa


For Emmanuel Katongole, there is no more urgent theological task than to provide an account of hope for those enduring Africa’s endless cycles of violence, war, poverty, and displacement. In Born from Lament: The Theology and Politics of Hope in Africa, he investigates the theological notion of lament as a way to account for the resilience, agency, and innovation of Christian social activists for non-violent change in East Africa.

In Eastern Congo, Katongole gathered data on the historical, religious, and cultural expressions of lament while documenting the stories of courageous Christian social activists working to end violence. He found that, in the midst of suffering, hope takes the form of "arguing" and "wrestling" with God. Such lament is not merely a cry of pain—it is a way of mourning, protesting, and appealing to God. Katongole’s research highlights the inner connection between lament and hope and the theological, social, and political implications of this connection for African societies.

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