Ellis Jones, M.A. ’92

Published: November 17, 2008

Author: Renée LaReau

Ellis Jones

Ellis Jones is the author of The Better World Handbook, a guide for people who want to make a positive difference in the world. He also has written The Better World Shopping Guide, which offers tips for making socially responsible consumer choices.

Ellis was inspired to write the Better World books after attending Earth Day celebrations in 1990. "I saw the environmental movement engaging people in the context of their daily lives, rather than asking them to take time out of their daily lives," he said. "They were successfully doing something other movements hadn't done. I took tried to take a similar approach to writing the books, which help people become better global citizens rather than convert them to activists."

After completing his master's degree in peace studies at the Kroc Institute, Ellis joined the Peace Corps, serving in Panama for two years. He later earned his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He currently teaches sociology at College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts. One of the classes he teaches at Holy Cross, "Development of Social Theory," has resulted in a book of theorists published by students and also in the development of a social theory smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices. 

"What has especially stuck with me from the Kroc Institute was one of our 'Peace and World Order' classes," Ellis said. "We spent three hours brainstorming what a better world would look like. The question resonated with me so much that it's been the driving force behind my work ever since."

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