Welcome to the Master of Global Affairs, International Peace Studies Class of 2021

Author: Emilia McManus

In August, the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs welcomed the third cohort of Master of Global Affairs students. The Class of 2021 includes 36 students from 18 countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, Uganda, and the United States. 

Fourteen students haven chosen to pursue a concentration in International Peace Studies and are classified as Kroc Scholars. This cohort will join a global network of more than 500 international peace studies master’s graduates who are addressing violent conflict and peace, human rights, and related issues around the world.

“This group of students is interesting because they bring a lot of experience and are very advanced professionally,” said Susan St. Ville, director of the International Peace Studies concentration. “Many are coming back to the classroom because of their work experiences, which is exciting because they bring a new level of questioning.” 

Students in Class of 2021 pursuing the Master of Global Affairs, International Peace Studies concentration include:

Margaret Adomako (Ghana)
Justice Chiedozie Chukwu (Nigeria)
Erin Connoly (United States)
María Jośe Daza Bohórquez (Colombia)
Enkhjargal Dugeree (Mongolia)
Cristian Sáez Flórez (Colombia)
Mulugeta Woldeeyesus Haiybano (Ethiopia)
John Bosco Lugonja (Uganda)
Jirah Kaye Luison (Philippines)
Bisharo Ali Mohamed (Kenya)
Mathilda Nassar (United States)
Micaiah Palmer (United States)
Miriam Psychas (United States/ Finland)
Gulzeyin Sharipova- Khalibaeva (Kyrgyzstan/ Russia)

Applications for the Master of Global Affairs Class of 2022 are now open. Learn more at kroc.nd.edu/masters