Welcome New M.A. Students

Author: Joan Fallon

Sixteen new students from 10 countries recently arrived at the Kroc Institute to pursue their master's degree in peace studies at Notre Dame. The members of the class of 2012 come from numerous cultural and religious backgrounds and bring with them a variety of work experiences related to peace, conflict resolution, and human rights. 

New master's students include:

James Adams (United Kingdom); Ellie Adelman (United States); Lydia Baek (United States); Benjamin Bernard (United States); Amy Braun (United States); Cooper Brown (United States); Emmanuel Tongun Matthew Gore (Sudan); Eric Lepp (Canada); Emily Manaen (United States); Anton Murra (Palestine); Jude Nnorum (Nigeria); Solomiya Pyatkovska (Ukraine); Shashi Rani Regmi (Nepal); Mina Rizk (Egypt); Lucía Tiscornia (Uruguay); and Francis Tuhaise (Uganda). 

The Kroc Institute's master's program prepares students for careers as professional peacebuilders. Peace studies students acquire knowledge in the field of peace studies, master skills and methods for strategic peacebuilding, gain expertise in the peace-related career path of their choice, and develop the professional values needed to promote peace, justice, and human rights. 

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