Welcome, Master’s Class of 2017

Author: Renée LaReau

A group photo of new master's students in international  peace studies from all over the world is a long-standing tradition at the Kroc Institute.

Meet the Master's Class of 2017! This class of 18 includes students from Burundi, China, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Hungary, Jordan, Kenya, Russia, Spain, Syria, Uganda, the United States, and Zimbabwe. 

The members of the Master's class of 2017 bring with them a variety of academic interests and professional experiences related to peace, conflict resolution, international development, environmental science and policy, human rights, security, communications, law and international relations. 

Evelyn Otwili Akullo (Uganda)

Mohammad Al-Essa (Jordan)

Majd Alshoufi (Syria)

Isaac Bayor (Ghana)

Yuede Bi (China)

Katie Coldwell (USA)

Henry Dambanemuya (Zimbabwe)

Kata Fodor (Hungary)

Valeria Vazquez Guevara (Spain)

Carolina Serrano Idrovo (Colombia)

Clint Niehus (USA)

Adrien Niyongabo (Burundi)

Vincent Ogoti (Kenya)

Luis Miranda Perez (Guatemala)

Anton Protasov (Russia)

Natalia A. Romanova (Russia/Kazakhstan)

Karen Schousboe (USA)

Becca Williams (USA).

Stay tuned to learn more about these accomplished students in the coming weeks.