Welcome M.A. Class of 2016

Author: kroc.nd.edu

A group photo of new master's students from all over the world is a long-standing tradition at the Kroc Institute. Meet the Master's Class of 2016!

New master’s students include:

Nadia Abraibesh (USA/Libya); Jonathan Brenneman (USA); Isaias Guerrero-Cabrera (Colombia); Olga Estela Sanchez Caro (Mexico); Christian Cirhigiri (Democratic Republic of Congo); David M. Coulibaly (Côte d'Ivoire); Lindora Howard-Diawara (Liberia); Elise Ditta (USA); Aref Dostyar (Afghanistan); Berhan Taye Gemeda (Ethiopia); Aimee Sarah George (Singapore); Emerson Kamara (Sierra Leone); Jenna Knapp (USA); Joyce Mutoka (Kenya); Katarzyna Anna Przybyla (Poland); Milena Petrova (Bulgaria); Shilpi Shabdita (India); Dania Straughan (USA); Christine Sumog-oy (Philippines); Shaban Varajab (Kenya); Kelsey Whiting-Jones (USA).

The members of the class of 2016 bring with them a variety of academic interests and professional experiences related to peace, conflict resolution, international development, youth empowerment, gender-based violence, human rights, international security, education and the arts.

The Kroc Institute’s master’s program educates students for careers as professional peacebuilders, preparing them for careers in policy analysis, political change, organizational leadership, and conflict analysis and transformation. Master’s students enroll in rigorous interdisciplinary coursework, gain professional expertise through internships and engage with leading peace scholars and practitioners.

Contact: Susan St. Ville, 574-631-2628, sstvill1@nd.edu