The Kroc Institute on honoring Dr. Martin Luther King


Today we honor Dr. King’s legacy through the peacebuilding work of the Kroc Institute’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni. From the study of race and reparations on campus to its practitioners around the world, the Kroc Institute supports and fosters the path toward equity and ending injustice. 

This year, we are proud to celebrate Dr. King’s work in various ways. This morning we joined the South Bend Community as a cosponsor of the 37th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast and Day of Celebration, hosted by the South Bend Heritage Foundation. For Kroc Institute supporters near and far, we welcome you to attend in person or online our panel presentation, Walking in the Spirit of Truth: Charting the Pathways to Racial Justice, part of the University of Notre Dame’s Walk the Walk Week, on January 17 at 4:00 PM EST. More information about this event can be found at 

Part of the Kroc Institute’s current strategic plan includes the specific goal to initiate new interdisciplinary research on intersectionality and peacebuilding. As part of this initiative, we welcome Dr. Gwendolyn Purifoye, assistant professor of racial justice and conflict transformation, to the Keough School of Global Affairs as a member of the Kroc Institute’s core faculty. Her expertise, tenacity, and enthusiasm for racial justice will strengthen the Kroc Institute’s efforts toward ending systemic racism and creating a more just world. 

In the words of Dr. King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”