Sydney Dittmar (Class of 2024)

Author: Anna Romandash

Sydney Dittmar is a junior majoring in Political Science and Peace Studies. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, she is a Peace Studies Student Ambassador this academic year, helping to promote Peace Education and spread the word about this major among her peers at the university. In this Student Q&A, Sydney shares her hopes for a future career in security and her experience of student engagement at Notre Dame. 

Why did you decide to study peace?

Peace Studies gives you the knowledge and vocabulary to understand and explain international events in a meaningful way. It pushes you to think deeper about the causes and consequences of injustice around the world, and gives you the tools to be a better global citizen.

How would you describe your experience with the Kroc Institute?

I have loved being a student at the Kroc Institute! All of my favorite classes have been through the Peace Studies program, and I have met many close friends through the events that the Kroc Institute puts on. The professors, staff, and students are so welcoming, and I recommend that everyone try at least one Peace Studies class.

What do you do as the Peace Studies Student Ambassador? 

I promote the Peace Studies program on campus and support events that the program organizes. I also help with promotional efforts and social media content creation. 

You are involved with the College Democrats here at the university. What is your experience?

College Democrats is a fantastic organization on campus that brings together students who are passionate about the same political issues. Our meetings are a space where students can share their opinions and have meaningful discussions with their peers about national issues. I am currently one of the Vice Presidents of College Democrats, and right now we are working on increasing political engagement in the greater St. Joseph County area and in the midterm elections nationally. 

What is your dream professional path, and how is it connected to peace?

My dream career would be in national security or international affairs. Peace Studies is deeply connected to both fields because it can help states choose policies that do the least harm while protecting their own citizens and encouraging peace. 

Where do you see yourself on a Strategic Peacebuilding Wheel? 

I would put myself within the Dealing with Transnational and Global Threats part of the wheel.