Spring into Peace Studies

Author: Joan Fallon

This semester, faculty are offering a number of new seminars for Ph.D. students in peace studies. Classes offered for the first time include:

  • Causes of Interstate Peace — Gary Goertz
  • Theology and Peacebuilding — Emmanuel Katongole 
  • Coercion and Persuasion — George Lopez
  • Conflict Transformation through Dialogue — Julie Macfarland 
  • Peace Research Methods — Patrick Regan

Also this semester, courses offered to master’s students in international peace studies include (these are just a sampling):

  • Political Economy of Globalization — Martin Wolfson
  • Policy Advocacy and Nonviolent Social Change — David Cortright 
  • Gender and Peace Studies (new) — Laura Heidman 
  • Islamic Ethics of War & Peace — Rashied Omar 
  • Conflict Transformation and Strategic Peacebuilding — John Paul Lederach

Undergraduate courses in peace studies this semester include:

  • Restorative Justice (new) — Margie Pfeil and Susan Sharp
  • War, Peace, and the Catholic Imagination (new) — Gerard Powers 
  • Central America in the Cold War (new) — Ryne Clos 
  • Contemporary Dictatorship (new) — Alex Dukalskis
  • Catholic Social Teaching in Action (new) — Todd Whitmore
  • When Tolerance Is Not Enough: Peacebuilding in Contexts of Structural and Cultural Violence— Jason Springs

Spring semester classes begin on January 15.