Ph.D. Students Named 2014-15 Mullen Family Fellows

Author: Renée LaReau

PhD students Leslie MacColman and Angela Lederach have been named Mullen Family Fellows for the 2014-15 academic year.

Two Notre Dame Ph.D. students in peace studies have been named Mullen Family Fellows for the 2014-15 academic year.

Angela Lederach is earning a Ph.D. in anthropology and peace studies. She holds B.A. degrees in anthropology and peace studies from Notre Dame. After graduating, she received a fellowship to research reconciliation efforts in Sierra Leone. This research, combined with undergraduate research she conducted with the West African Network for Peacebuilding, culminated in the co-authorship of her book (with John Paul Lederach) When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys Through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation (Oxford University Press).

Lederach has since conducted research on peacebuilding and reconciliation in Southeast Asia and South America, focusing on the role of truth-telling in reconciliation and women’s needs in truth-telling. Lederach also is a Notre Dame Presidential Fellow.

Leslie MacColman is earning a Ph.D. in sociology and peace studies. She holds a B.A. in anthropology and Spanish, a graduate certificate in non-profit management, and an M.A. in international relations, peace, and conflict resolution, which she earned as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

MacColman has worked for nongovernmental organizations and international organizations in Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, and Mozambique. She is interested in political sociology, social movements, and informal institutions of governance, especially power-sharing arrangements between state and non-state actors. She plans to conduct comparative research on security sector reform in Latin America and Africa. MacColman also is a Notre Dame Presidential Fellow.

The Mullen Family Fellowships were created in 2008 thanks to the generosity of the family of Jack Mullen ‘53, chair of the Kroc Institute’s Advisory Council. Mullen, former corporate vice-president of Johnson & Johnson, and his family are long-time supporters of the Kroc Institute and the University of Notre Dame.  

Previous Mullen Family Fellows include Ph.D. students Douglas Ansel (political science and peace studies), Jessica Brandwein (political science and peace studies), Matthew Chandler (sociology and peace studies), Karie Cross (political science and peace studies), Alex Dukalskis (Ph.D. '13, political science and peace studies), Janna Hunter-Bowman (theology and peace studies), Hyunjin Deborah Kwak (sociology and peace studies), Kyle Lambelet (theology and peace studies), Laura Taylor (Ph.D. '13, psychology and peace studies), and Laura Weis (history and peace studies).

The Kroc Institute partners with six Notre Dame departments to offer six distinct but related doctoral degrees: Anthropology and Peace Studies, History and Peace Studies, Political Science and Peace Studies, Psychology and Peace Studies, Sociology and Peace Studies, and Theology and Peace Studies. Students are fully credentialed in one of the six disciplines and trained in interdisciplinary peace research. The degree prepares them for positions in research, teaching, and peacebuilding.  

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