Peace Studies Workshop Held in Thailand


Thirty-four faculty from colleges and universities in the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and China gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on October 17-22 for a workshop on developing peace studies curricular programs. Led by Kroc faculty members John Paul Lederach, Hal Culbertson, Jaleh Dashti-Gibson, and Rashied Omar, as well as Kroc alumnus Myla Leguro, the workshop focused on the challenges of teaching peace in the midst of violent conflicts. The Institute for Religion, Culture and Peace at Payap University hosted the event.

The workshop was a response to requests from academic colleagues in the region for assistance from the Kroc Institute in developing new peace studies courses and curricula. Modeled after the annual Summer Institute for Faculty, the workshop was the Kroc Institute’s first curricular development event offered outside of Notre Dame. Participants received insights into current issues in the field as well as opportunities to develop plans for enhancing peace studies programs at their institutions.

Financial support for the workshop was provided by the U.S. Embassy in Thailand. 

Contact: Hal Culbertson, 574-631-8832,