Peace Studies Classes Begin This Week

Author: Renée LaReau

Classes begin this week for Notre Dame students, with more than 100 undergraduates, 34 master’s students, and 17 doctoral students enrolled in more than 50 peace studies and peace-related courses in disciplines ranging from anthropology to political science to sociology.

Fall semester classes offered to undergraduates include:  

  • Terrorism, Peace and other Inconsistencies
  • World Poverty and Inequality (new)
  • Nonviolent Social Change
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Women’s Human Rights
  • Conflict and Democracy in American Literature (new)
  • Global Activism (new) 
  • Rise and Fall of World Communism
  • Borders, Boundaries and Frontiers 
  • Christianity in Africa 
  • Anthropology of Human Rights (new) 
  • Structural Violence
  • International Human Rights Movement (new)
  • Conflict and Development (new)  

Fall semester classes offered to graduate students include:  

  • Foundations of Peace Studies
  • International Peace Research 
  • Peacebuilding and Public Policy
  • International Law
  • Colonialism and Its Legacies  
  • Contemporary Conflict and Peace Processes 
  • Approaches to Conflict Transformation 
  • Women’s Human Rights  
  • Theories of Civil War  
  • Structural Violence 
  • Organizational Leadership   

To learn more about graduate coursework in peace studies, visit program home pages for the master’s degree or the Ph.D.   

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