On the State of Israel and Palestine

Author: Kristi Flaherty

Peace Policy Jan 2014Photo: Kara Newhouse (Flickr)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s tenth visit to Israel-Palestine in January 2014 aimed to outline American proposals for resolving the conflict. The hope is that the parties will finalize, with U.S. help, a framework for a peace agreement by the end of April 2014 when the current round of peace talks ends. Scholars of the region reflect on the situation. Read »

New posts in the January 2014 issue of Peace Policy:

Asher Kaufman takes a realpolitik perspective to argue that Israel is pursuing policies that are not in its own self-interest. More »

Atalia Omer asks, “Is the two-state solution dead?” and considers a new paradigm. More »

Khalil Shikaki addresses pessimism and hope about resolving the conflict and urges the U.S. to show determination. More »

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