New website makes Peace Accords Matrix accessible to global researchers, peacebuilders

Author: Hannah Heinzekehr

Pam Website

The Peace Accords Matrix (PAM) Project has long been a premiere source of comparative data on peace agreements and their implementation, and now the project has launched a new, fully-accessible website to help global researchers, policymakers, and peacebuilders take full advantage of this unique resource. The new website is home to the largest existing collection of implementation data on intrastate peace agreements, and PAM team members regularly provide research support to ongoing peace processes on issues of peace agreement design and implementation. PAM is a research project of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, part of the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs. 

Tableau Pam
A screenshot of the new Tableau-based comparison section of the website

In addition to hosting a searchable database of all 34 comprehensive peace agreements signed since the end of the Cold War, their included provisions, and their implementation history, the website serves as a one-stop hub for the latest research and reports from the PAM team. Through new integrations with Tableau, an interactive data visualization software, researchers can create and download custom visualizations comparing implementation data across all 34 agreements and their accompanying provisions.  

Visitors to the site can also download the Peace Accords Matrix dataset for use in their own work. 

The site includes a new sub-section highlighting the work of the Barometer Initiative, currently active in Colombia. The 2016 Colombian peace agreement gives the Kroc Institute primary responsibility for technical verification and monitoring of implementation of the accord. This is the first time a university-based research center has played such a direct role in supporting the implementation of a peace agreement and the first time researchers have measured the implementation of a peace accord in real time. 

The new sub-section includes (in both English and Spanish) all of the reports created thus far to monitor implementation progress, a full list of team members working from Bogota and territories throughout Colombia, and all press releases about the Barometer Initiative.

"We are pleased that the new PAM website provides more complete information on our innovative Barometer Initiative in Colombia and has a more user-friendly and complete search function for comparative research of comprehensive peace agreements,” said David Cortright, co-director of the Peace Accords Matrix and policy studies at the Kroc Institute. “Our hope is that it will elevate PAM’s reach and impact around the world.” 


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