New Kroc Strategic Plan


The Kroc Institute has developed a new strategic plan that sets forth an ambitious vision for the next five years.

Between 2009 and 2014, the Institute aims to: 1) become a recognized world leader in research on the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace; 2) extend and enhance graduate education in peacebuilding and peace research; and 3) lead peace studies and peace research into the mainstream of U.S. higher education, political discourse, and policymaking.

Strength in research

Kroc already has made considerable progress toward its first goal of becoming an influential center of knowledge and expertise on the causes of war and the paths to peace in the 21st century. Recent steps include: the hiring of five new faculty members with substantial research portfolios and ambitions; the expansion of Kroc’s existing research programs in religion and peacebuilding, peace accords and processes, and the reform of peacebuilding institutions and methods; and plans to hire additional faculty.

Revised master's program

Toward the goal of enhancing graduate education, Kroc recently revised its master’s program to sharpen its focus on educating students in peace research methods and themes while also preparing them for specialized careers as professional peace builders. The Institute’s new Ph.D. program, the only one of its kind in the U.S., has grown to include nine young scholars, and Kroc expects a total of 20-25 students enrolled in doctoral peace studies by 2014.

Expanding influence

Finally, growing strength in research and graduate education offers Kroc an opportunity to become a leading peace and justice educator — going beyond the classroom to disseminate peace research and peace studies concepts into the public arena. Toward this goal, the Institute will enhance its policy studies program; develop a Strategic Peacebuilding Network with Kroc alumni at its core; expand the annual Summer Institute for national as well as international college and university faculty in peace studies; and position the Catholic Peacebuilding Network to respond to the Church’s requests for training and advising in peacebuilding.

“Through this new strategic plan, the Kroc Institute aspires to advance Notre Dame’s mission of placing world-class research and teaching in the service of authentic human flourishing,” said Kroc Director Scott Appleby. “I am grateful to the faculty of the Institute, our colleagues in the dean’s and provost’s offices, and the Kroc Advisory Council, all of whom had a hand in shaping the final version of the plan.”

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