Mediation Program Welcomes Scholar in Residence


David Lanz

The Mediation Program at the Kroc Institute welcomes David Lanz as a Scholar in Residence during the Spring 2019 semester.

Lanz is the Co-Head of the Mediation Program at swisspeace. In this role, he co-leads a team of 12 mediation researchers and practitioners involved in peace processes in Syria, Colombia, Myanmar, and Ukraine. He is also a lecturer at the University of Basel and has conducted research on different peace mediation issues, including inclusivity, mediation process design, power-sharing, and the intersection between mediation and sanctions.

While at the Kroc Institute, Lanz is working on a book project based on his dissertation and examining the role of the Responsibility to Protect norm in relation to the Darfur conflict. The book traces Darfur’s trajectory from a forgotten conflict to one of the most prominent global causes and its return to forgotten status in recent years.