May Peace Be with You


The faculty and staff of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute send you warm greetings of peace in this holy season.

The image on this page is an architectural detail from Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies, purchased by the Vatican in 1964 and leased to the University of Notre Dame. With the guidance of an International Advisory Board, the University built Tantur (Arabic for “hilltop”), located “on the seam” between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Through its programs for scholars, clergy, and laity, Tantur assists in the search for Christian unity; explores the prospects for harmony among Christians and peoples of other world faiths; and participates in the search for world peace and justice.

Each year, a number of Kroc Institute student interns (master’s students in peace studies), live and work at Tantur, learning the perspectives of both Israelis and Palestinians and preparing for peacebuilding in the region upon graduation.