Master's Students Present Lessons Learned from International Internships

Author: Renée LaReau

Master’s students in international peace studies (Class of '12) spent the last two weeks presenting what they learned about the challenges and opportunities of peacebuilding during their six-month internships in Asia, Africa, and the United States. Students returned from the field in January. They presented their learnings to classmates and Kroc faculty as part of the capstone course “Effective Peacebuilding,” which all master’s students take in their last semester at Notre Dame.  

"Having spent a year in the classroom and six months in the field, students in this required course now integrate the theory of peacebuilding with the practical challenges of 'on the ground' work in zones of conflict," said Larissa Fast, assistant professor of conflict resolution, who regularly teaches the course.  

During their internships at Kroc Institute field sites, students work in communities dealing with issues of peace and conflict, economic development, human rights, and justice.

This year, students interned at a range of innovative nongovernmental organizations in Cape Town, South Africa; Gulu, Uganda; Mindanao, the Philippines; and Baltimore, Maryland.  

Students are also working on research papers, drawing on research conducted while in the field. They will present their papers at the end of the semester.    

Contact: Larissa Fast,, 574-631-7096