Master’s Students Departing for Global Internships

Author: Renée LaReau

Second-year master’s students in peace studies are preparing to depart for their internships at Kroc field sites in Israel/Palestine, the Philippines, South Africa, Uganda, Bhutan, and the United States.   

For nearly six months, students will work “in the real world,” integrating peacebuilding theory with practice in policy research and analysis, development and education, interfaith dialogue, communications, social justice, human rights, violence prevention, gender research, and grassroots organizing. 

The following master’s students will work at these leading organizations focused on peace and justice: 

United States

  • Peter Kelly (Ireland) and Adhik Badal (Nepal) will work for the Institute for Multi-track Diplomacy in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Abdulla Ibrahim (Egypt) will work at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, D.C. 
  • Doris Maholo Saydee (Liberia) will work at the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict at George Mason University's School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution in Arlington, Virginia. 

Cape Town, South Africa

  • Lucy Dunderdale (USA) will work with the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office.
  • Lindsay McClain Opiyo (USA) will work for the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. 
  • Marko Karadzic (Serbia) will work for the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.
  • Elizabet Valcheva (Bulgaria) will work with the Social Justice Coalition and Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum.  

Mindanao, the Philippines

  • Ketty Anyeko (Uganda) and Sharon Kniss (USA) will intern with Catholic Relief Services.  

Gulu, Uganda

  • William Kiptoo (Kenya) will work for The AIDS Support Organization.
  • Melissa McCauley (USA) will work for the Justice and Reconciliation Project.
  • David O’Brien (USA) will work for the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative.  


  • Maurice Sikenyi (Kenya) will work for Rabbis for Human Rights in Jerusalem. 


  • Katie Conlon will work for the Gross National Happiness Commission in Thimphu, Bhutan.  

While in the field, master’s students acquire skills and make substantive contributions to highly respected organizations. Students are assigned internships based on their professional interests in one of the 3 tracks in the master’s program:  Policy Analysis and Political Change, Organizational Leadership and Management, or Conflict Analysis and Transformation.  

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