Kroc Welcomes 4 Visiting Research Fellows

Author: Renée LaReau

Four scholars of conflict and peace have joined the Kroc Institute as Visiting Research Fellows for the fall semester or the full academic year. 

Alexander Arifanto, who studies how religious groups and social movements shape Islam, will research interreligious dialogue and conflict prevention activities conducted by Islamic social movements in Turkey. (fall semester) 

Shannon Golden, who specializes in transitional justice, will conduct research on the development and social effects of land disputes during post-war resettlement. (full academic year) 

Megan Shannon, assistant professor of political science at Florida State University, will work on a book about how UN peacekeeping influences violence during civil wars, and a second book exploring conditions in countries that follow international law. (fall semester) 

Sumanto Al Qurtuby, a cultural anthropologist, re-joins the Kroc Institute for his second full year of research as part of the Contending Modernities research project. He will continue to conduct research on Christian-Muslim conflict and postwar peacebuilding. (full academic year)

Each year, the Visiting Research Fellows Program brings scholars (at the post-doctoral and senior scholar level) to Notre Dame to conduct research, collaborate with faculty, and participate in the life of the Institute.